Cold Storage

Looking for cold storage freezers or other cold storage equipment to protect your important samples? You’ll find what you need right here.

When it comes to cold storage, MIDSCI offers a truly vast collection; one item of which is sure to be precisely what you’re looking for.  From refrigeration to liquid nitrogen and every temperature in between, we have a solution for storing your laboratory samples and reagents.

Our lab freezers include: refrigerator/lab freezer combo products, upright freezers, under-counter freezers, chest lab freezers, and enzyme/vaccine lab freezers.

Our refrigeration equipment offers various options, depending on the model you choose: superior temperature stability, cycle defrost, Energy Star compliance, and highly durable interiors and exteriors.

Our cryogenic storage options boast an immense offering for storage of anywhere from a couple hundred to 100,000 samples!

We have plenty of other cold storage equipment items that can reliably and safely store anything you need to.

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