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Celloger Mini

The Celloger Mini is designed for brightfield live cell imaging system inside a CO2 Incubator.  The advanced features allow for imaging at multiple locations in a plate, dish or flask at desired time points.  Auto-focusing function allows researchers the ability to observe cell morphology in real time and for review.  Time-lapse imaging capability for the capturing of serial images of cellular dynamics over longer periods.  It is now possible to observe every well in a 96 well plate multiple times while you relax after work and review the images and results when you return to the lab.


  • Compact design easily fits into standard CO2 incubators
  • Position memory allows multiple area to be set for automatic observation, up to including 96 well plates
  • Time-lapse image capturing & video clip
  • Software is easy to use
  • Provides thermo-hygrometer data in real time
  • Allows for imaging of standard plates, dishes and flask.


  • Measuring cell confluency
  • Scratch (wound healing) assay
  • Monitoring cell growth curve