Aluminum Foil, Parafilm, and Multiwipes

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  • Excellent for microwave use or for general wrapping purposes. Dispenser carton has easy tear edge.
  • 18" x 2000' (3,000 Sq. Ft.) Roll.
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PetriSeal stretches and conforms to form a tight seal and is temperature resistant, waterproof and chemically resistant. It resists abrasion and puncture and blocks vapor loss while reducing the rate of gas exchange. Use PetriSeal with microtiter plates, Petri dishes and culture plates to prevent to entry of contaminants. The seal remains flexible down to -30°C and can withstand continuous exposure from -40°C to +77°C (with intermittent exposure up to 100°C). Tests have shown that PetriSeal leaves no adhesive residue even after two years.

Tape Size: 0.50" x 108'

Ideal Use: Petri dishes

Colors: Blue, Clear, Red, White & Yellow

U of M: Roll

  • Colorless and moisture-proof
  • Film stretches and molds to surface
  • Seals beakers, flasks, tubes, petri dishes, etc.

Multiwipes are made from a non-abrasive, low-lint stock and can be used for cleaning critical glass, microscope optics, delicate plastic and metal surfaces and for blotting liquids from pipeting and other liquid handling operations. Multiwipes are equivalent to Kimwipes.

Multiwipes come in two different sizes:

Small: 4x8 inches, 280 wipes/bx (8091: 280/box, 60 box/cs or 8091-IN: 280/box, 1 box)

Large: 15x17 inches, 140 wipes/bx (8093: 140/box, 15 box/cs or 8093-IN: 140/box, 1 box )



DuraSeal Cling is a heat resistant, solvent-proof laboratory stretch film that can be used on a wide range of vessels.

IT CLINGS- Film can cling to itself and glass vessels.

HEAT RESISTANT- Softens at 100°C

STRONG-Film can stretch 300-400 % before breaking or tearing

TIGHT SEALING-Forms an air tight barrier when stretched across openings

VERSATILE-Compatible in more applications than Parafilm

TWICE AS LONG-Twice as long as Parafilm rolls

Comparison to Parafilm


DuraSeal Cling


Temperature Resistance

Softens above 100°C

Softens at or below 68°C

Chemical Resistance

Resists essentially all solvents

Dissolves in carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, phenol, ethyl, benzene, hexane, etc.


Stretches 300-400 %

Stretched 200%


No interleaf paper

Interleaf paper must be removed prior to use

  • Softens above 100°C
  • Resists essentially all solvents
  • Compatible with solution microwaving
  • Resists breakage
  • Transparent
  • No Interleaf paper

Container Seal sealing Film can be used for sealing microplates, lids, caps and other lab items.

CONFORMITY- Tape stretches, conforms and seals the irregular perimeter of plates and dishes

WATERPROOF & CHEMICALLY RESISTANT- Tape and adhesive resist most solvents and caustic agents

TEMPERATURE RESISTANT- Seal remains flexible in moderate freezer temperatures and withstands intermittent exposure to 100°C

SIZES-Available in .75" or 1" widths in red, white or yellow. All rolls 108' long.


BioPure Laboratory wipes are biodegradable wipes available in two format-a general purpose surfactant cleansing wipe and a disinfecting alcohol wipe.

Surfactant Wipes

  • Remove Grime-proprietary surfactant easily breaks-up grease and grime found on most laboratory surfaces
  • Multi-Surface-Ideal for cleaning benchtops, door handles, pipettors, keyboard and instrument knobs/overlays
  • Pleasant odor-Leaves behind a slight citrus odor

Alcohol Wipes

  • Under the Hood - Convenient disinfecting of gloves, surfaces, equipment and petri dishes
  • In the Lab - Easily disinfect shared equipment
  • No Residue- 70% IPA/30% H20 water mixture evaporates completely
  • Heavy duty aluminum foil for wrapping and sealing.
  • Heavy Duty Dispenser Box
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