Lab Homogenizers

In need of a homogenizer? We have the handheld or benchtop homogenizers you’re looking for.


With a wide selection of products to choose from, our product line is sure to meet your needs.


If you’re looking for a convenient, but quite powerful, handheld lab homogenizer then the PRO250 is ideal for you while the D1000 handheld homogenizer is perfect for use with microtubes.


When you need to agitate numerous samples at a time, then it may be best to consider the Mini-Beadbeater-16, which can handle four to sixteen samples all at once.


If you have tissue that’s been hard-frozen in liquid nitrogen, and need to reduce it to a fine powder, then consider the numerous Bio-Pulverizers in our product line. 


Most importantly, we carry Bullet Blenders! Among a ton of other benefits, these homogenizers avoid cross-contamination between samples and sample loss.

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