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The Freedom Rocker BlotBot


Key features of the Blot Bot include:

  • Automated delivery and removal of buffers/reagents
  • Dispense and recover different antibodies or reagents in each tray
  • Only 3.5mL or reagent per blot needed due to specially designed trays
  • Reagent recovery
  • Easy to use-just plug in
  • Quiet, no air or vacuum connections necessary
  • Drip proof quick release connections
  • 2 year warranty (and 30 day money back guarantee)

The Freedom Rocker BlotBot is an automated blot processor which allows the user to incubate and wash samples unattended allowing for overnight assays.

The fully programmable blot processing station automates the tedious incubation and washing steps required to process blots and gels, thus saving time and money through increased productivity. All trays receive the same reagent or wash buffer at the same time, in equal volumes, insuring consistency.

Simply dispense individual reagents (in volumes as low as 3.5mL) into appropriate tray and recover separately. This allows conservation of primary antibodies. The control panel has a large graphic display and intuitive layout making it easy to program protocols. These protocols can include different rocking speeds and times for each step.

Two tray and four tray models available.


The Freedom Rocker BlotBot
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FRB120 The Freedom Rocker BlotBot programmable 2 trays
FRB240 The Freedom Rocker BlotBot programmable 4 trays
The Freedom Rocker BlotBo
The Freedom Rocker BlotBot
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