Liquid Handling

MIDSCI has a full line of liquid handling products including laboratory pipettes, pipette tips, pipettors, reagent reservoirs, aspiration systems, and pipette controllers.

Some liquid handling products are known to have safety issues and others are prone to errors that lead to poor results. 
Our liquid handling products keep in mind the basics, like price and quality, but also go one step further to solve or pre-empt these and other issues researchers (and even the planet) may face. 
For instance, the aspiration systems we stock are known for performance but also for safety. Our pipettor calibration service ensures reproducible results. We carry unbreakable transfer pipettes that avoid glass hazards. And we even have eco-friendly reagent reservoirs!


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The Wheaton OmniSpense ELITE and UniSpense PRO are intelligent peristaltic pumps for all your dispensing needs. Whether you are making sterile liquid trasnfers to and from containers or filling vials or titer plates, these pumps will simplify and accelerate your laboratory output.

The systems are operated via a large 5" backlit liquid crystal display and chemical resistant keypad. Options are displayed as large icons for quick operation and easy recognition in national and international markets. The pumps also feature a small footprint and an angled polarized display perfect for use under a fume hood or biological safety cabinet.

Calibration of the units is simplified to a single intuitive calibration screen that walks the user through the process stepwise. This eliminates scrolling through menus and complicated instruction manuals.

The OmniSpense ELITE and UniSpense PRO can be specifically outfitted and programmed for your process. These programs can be saved and recalled at a later time for a quick application turnaround. Both pumps support tubing with different specificaitons and the OmniSpense ELITE can use stacked pump heads or microcassette heads for multiple small volume dosing.

The UniSpense PRO is a dual-speed dedicated dispensing pump designed to accommodate single of multiple filling applications. The OmniSpense ELITE is a variable speed dispensing pump with built-in FLOW mode. The FLOW mode allows for real time tracking of a single liquid transfer. The pump can be paused and restarted for more involved processes.

The OmniSpense ELITE and UniSpense PRO help menus are English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish language enabled. These menus ensure the icon driven display is easily understood by national and international laboratories.

The OmniSpense ELITE and UniSpense PRO are ideal for any laboratory or clinical setting where accurate and precise dispensing is important.

Features of Wheaton Pumps include:

  • Icon Driven User Interface
  • Trouble-Free Calibration
  • Ultra-High Precision Stepper Motor
  • Compact Design
  • User-Friendly Operation in Six Languages
  • Complies with Industry standards including: UL, CSA, CE, WEEE & RoHS Compliant





Tubing size
(mm ID)

Dispense Ranges for Tubing (mL)

Flow Rate Range

Accuracy Midrange

Delay Time (sec)


Dims w/ Pumphead (H X W X D) (in/cm)

OmniSpense ELITE





As High as +/- 1 %

.5-60 Automatic Mode


7 X 8.75 X 13/17.3 X 22.3 X 33













UniSpense PRO

75 & 150



30 & 60

As High as +/- 1 %

.5-60 Automatic Mode


7 X 8.75 X 13/17.3 X 22.3 X 33



60 & 120



270 & 541



540 & 1080

  • For use in the hood, outside the hood, or on the bench
  • Great for aspiration or filtration
  • Control knob for infinite vacuum setting (-300 mbar to -600 mbar)
  • Overflow protection of pump and electronics by a hydrophobic filter at the pump inlet
  • Eliminates contamination of lab vacuum lines
  • All parts in contact with fluids are autoclavable
  • Silent operation
  • Excellent for work involving pathogens or biohazardous fluids
  • When used with VACUBOY hand operator and attachments, offers unparalleled speed and flexibility when aspirating from any type of vessel from flasks to 96-well plates

The VACUSAFE comfort is a self-contained, multifunctional vacuum aspiration system that offers many benefits over "homemade" systems connected directly to a lab vacuum line or faucet. When used in conjunction with the VACUBOY hand operator, the VACUSAFE comfort provides unparalleled performance, flexibility, and safety when aspirating media, biological fluids, or chemical solutions.

VACUBOY Benefits and Features:

  • Time-savings and flexibility particularly when aspirating from multi-well plates
  • Dual vacuum speed control either with push button on top, or rear turn setting
  • Single, 4-channel, and 8-channel adapters available
  • Adapters include disposable pipette tips, Pasteur and serological pipettes, or fixed stainless steel pins

The VACUBOY hand operator is designed to accommodate a variety of aspiration adapters including stainless steel pins, disposable tips, and Pasteur or serological pipettes. Each adapter is designed to perfectly match the physical dimensions of typical laboratory vessels including flasks, bottles, and multi-well plates. It can be used in conjunction with the VACUSAFE aspiration system or a stand-alone upgrade to your current system.

VACUBOY Attachment Options:

  • Single stainless steel aspirator (40mm, 150mm, or 280mm)
  • 4-channel stainless steel aspirator
  • 8-channel stainless steel aspirator
  • Single-channel adapter for pipette tip, (w/ or w/o ejector)
  • 8-channel adapter for pipette tips, with ejector
  • Rubber adapter for Pasteur and serological pipettes

Regular service and calibration every six months guarantees your pipettor is providing accurate, reproducible results every time. Our service keeps your pipettor in good operating condition and helps extend its life-time.

Quality control, preventive maintenance and calibration services are becoming increasingly critical for laboratories all over the world today.

To ensure the continuous accuracy and precision of your pipettors we offer high quality calibration in a controlled environment.  Our technicians perform all measurements with ISO 9001 Certified balances unlike having someone stop by the lab and hoping for the best in calibration and reproducibility.

Don't be deceived by other calibration services who offer low prices but charge extra for Seals and 0-Rings.

Our professional pipettor calibration service includes:

  • Replace Teflon Seal
  • Replace O-Ring
  • Recalibrate and Certify Pipettor
  • Clean and Recondition: Piston, Shaft, Spring, and Other Critical Parts
  • Rainin, Gilson, Eppendorf, AlphPette, Labpette, Discovery, Sealpette, Oxford, Biohit, Denville XL3000, GeneMate,  Lab 3, V3 Pipettors, Finnpipette and many other brands.
  • MOST 8-12 channel Pipettors Call or email for Quote
  • Contact us for quantity discounts

Our trained technicians are dedicated professionals skilled in their work. They strive to return your pipettors within 2 - 5 working days after receipt. They will even give you a call when major parts need to be replaced! No surprises, just quality workmanship on the most important tool in your lab.

When sending your pipettors to us, please include the following information: 

  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Purchase Order # or Credit Card Number
  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Telephone number of end user

See below PDF file to download for worksheet.

Email for more information. Phone:  800-227-9997  St. Louis 636-225-9997

Your Price:

The Harvest 25mL ASPIR-8 Reservoir features tighter dimensions which make it the ideal reservoir for 8-channel pipettes. The 75mm width of the ASPIR-8 is specially designed to minimize reagent exposure and usage when an 8-channel pipette is used as opposed to the typical design for 12-channel pipettes.


  • Shorter size - conserves valuable reagents
  • Designed for 8-channel pipettes
  • RNase, DNase, & Pyrogen-free
  • Corner "bump-outs" prevent units from sticking together







ASPIR-8 Reservoir, Non-Sterile




ASPIR-8 Reservoir, Sterile, Indiv. Wrapped




ASPIR-8 Reservoir, Sterile, 5 per bag



The 12-channel Reagent Reservoir is designed for use with a multi-channel or single tip pipette.

    • Each numbered channel holds 5 ml of solution
    • Design of the v-shaped channel allows for complete sample withdrawal
    • Reservoir has tabs on the bottom to ensure secure stackability and is supplied with a fitted lid
    • The rigid design of this product assures consistency in an automated environment
    • Made from polypropylene and is autoclavable
    • Packaged 10 per bag
    • "Tray Final"

Divided reservoirs from MIDSCI give you the option to customize your usage.

Polypropylene solution basin/reagent reservoir has a standard 50mL basin on one side and 12 individual 5mL basins on the other side. Wells are angled both downward and outward, guiding multichannel pipettor tips toward a centered position, which helps to avoid contamination and waste. Blue indexing keeps samples oriented correctly; loose-fitting lids prevent evaporation and contamination. Non-sterile. Pack of 25 basins and 25 lids.


  • 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly
  • Trough within a trough design maximizes sample recovery
  • Pour spout corners
  • Graduations on inside wells

Reagent Reservoir Cooler -- Benchtop Cooling of Reagents

Extend benchtop working time and keep reagents cool up to 3 hours.

    • Keep it cool
      • Reagents are kept at ~5°C for approximately 3 hours
    • No Mess
      • No need for a cumbersome ice bath, the frozen non-toxic gel is contained in a sealed molded cavity.
    • Extra cold incubation time
      • Extends safe working time for temperature sensitive reagents
    • Fitted
      • Our 100ml and 25ml Reservoirs fit perfectly and snugly onto the Cooler ensuring uniform cooling.






    25ml Reservoir Cooler




    50ml Reservoir Cooler




    100ml Reservoir Cooler




Disposable and sterile
  • Unique "trough within a trough" maximizes reagent recovery
  • Convenient pour-off spouts on all four corners
  • A wide base provides stability and avoids spills
  • Graduated marks on inside wall
  • Superior design provides stronger sidewalls
  • Improved design
  • Vol graduations to 150 mL
  • a reinforced base that won't wobble on the counter, preventing spills
  • a new easy-to-open latch that can be manipulated with one hand
  • greater clarity for improved visibility of contents
  • manufactured by Excel Scientific

Texan reagent reservoirs are reusable -- an environmentally sound alternative to disposable reagent reservoirs. Their extra-large capacity means fewer refills and time saved. The V-shaped basin is compatible with both eight- and twelve-place multiple pipettors with minimal reagent waste. Lids are removable -- attached with ball and socket hinges -- and latch tightly for secure storage of left-over reagents. With lids closed, Texan reagent reservoirs are stackable. A perimeter ridge on the lid prevents sliding. Construction is clear, chemical-resistant, autoclavable polypropylene. Molded graduation marks provide Vol indication at 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, and 150 mL.

Available sterile and non-sterile. Sterile reagent reservoirs are supplied in bags of 5, nonsterile in bags of 10, both within outer packages of 100.


AlphaPetteThe #1 Pipettor for sub-microliter pipetting and beyond

The new, more Ergonomic AlphaPettes include the following upgrades:

  • Improved comfort while pipetting: Extended finger rest
  • Enlarged volume display
  • Up to 40% reduction in plunger forces
  • Reduced tip ejection forces
  • Reduced tip shaft on 1000ul pipettor
  • Reduced plunger stroke on 1000ul pipettor
  • 50% lower forces than Gilson and Eppendorf
  • Lightweight

Standard Features

  • Volume adjustment with plunger button or thumbwheel
  • Volume easily visible with black and red numbers
  • Reduced ejection forces
  • Fully autoclavable for sterility
  • Adjustable ejector length
  • Pipettors are individually tested and supplied with certificate of quality
  • Shafts and tip cone with higher strength and chemical resistance
  • Accurate and Precise
  • Alphapette Pipettor have a universal shaft that will accept most pipet tips, unlike Rainin LTS Pipettors

LIFETIME WARRANTY* and Certificate for Free Calibration included!  *(with the exception misuse)

Alphapette Pipettors are designed for exceptional comfort and accuracy.  Combining ease of use: lightweight; well balanced; comfortable fit in the right or left hand; and accuracy, the alphapette is the perfect addition to your lab.

The adjustable thumbwheel is slightly recessed to prevent unintentional change and is protected from the effects of thermal expansion by the insulated body of the pipette. For convenience, volume can also be adjusted by turning the push-button.

Alphapette Pipettors have a universal shaft that will accept most pipette tips. The stainless steel tip ejector is adjustable to accommodate various styles of tips and removable for pipetting into narrow tubes. Ease of use meets exceptional performance with the Alphapette. 

ASK-1 Kits includes: 1 each of A-10, A-20, A-200, A-1000, P3985, ASK-BCKPCK and 1 rack of tips of: AVR10R, AVR2 and AVR1250-H



Volume µl

Accuracy %

Precision %



Min 0.2



.002 ul

Max 2




Min 0.5



.02 ul

Max 10




Min 2



.02 ul

Max 20




Min 10



.2 ul

Max 100




Min 20



.2 ul

Max 200




Min 100



2 ul

Max 1000




Min 1000



10 ul

Max 5000




Innovative Design Saves Space and Reduces Plastic Waste

The new "Green" Reagent Reservoirs from MIDSCI incorporate several innovative design features that reduce plastic waste, save storage space, and enhance performance. This reagent reservoir system consists of disposable, clear polystyrene inserts that fit within a rigid base. Because the skirt on the inserts has been eliminated, this significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste that is experienced when using standard one-piece reagent reservoirs.

  • Innovative design reduces plastic waste and saves space
  • Saves 75% in storage space
  • Easy-to-see, bold, black Vol graduations eliminate costly overpours
  • Pour-spout corners provide easy, spill-free pouring
  • Unique trough within a trough design for complete sample retrieval
  • 2nd reservoir can act as a lid to prevent evaporation and contamination